What you need to know about the recent major changes that TikTok revealed


TikTok will soon undergo significant adjustments that will improve the types of videos that users see, whether it is through expressed choice or moderation for younger audiences.

Users will soon be able to restrict specific types of videos from appearing on their customised For You Page. There will be a setting that excludes videos containing words or hashtags from your algorithm-based stream. With this new feature, users will have more control over their content than previously, much as how to mute keywords and hashtags on Twitter.

Even while you could already “dislike” a video on your For Your Page, there is no assurance you won’t see it again. The filter setting seems to genuinely block videos about subjects you don’t want to see from coming to you.

TikTok will also change its internal processes for content management, making strides in identifying mature content that shouldn’t be accessible to younger people. Given that TikTok has a precise awareness of a user’s age, videos may now display Content Level rankings that would warn or limit mature content for minors.

Additionally, TikTok is taking steps to spot troubling trends and restrict the number of videos associated with those trends that will show up on someone’s For You Page, notably films that are harmful to mental health or cause other types of harm.

One of these videos might be fine on its own, but the notion is that if a user is exposed to numerous videos on a distressing subject, it might negatively affect their experience with the app. Diet- or depression-related material examples were provided by The Verge.

Why it’s crucial to moderate TikTok content

Recently, parents in California sued TikTok, alleging that the app was to blame for the tragic deaths of two young users. The lawsuit, according to the New York Times, claims that the girls, who were 8 and 9, perished after taking part in a risky task that was offered to them on the platform.

As should be known, people under the age of 13 are not permitted to create accounts on TikTok. It is feasible to lie when creating a profile, though.

It seems less probable that an impressionable user will be convinced to join if they just see one video of a harmful trend rather than several films of same trend. Naturally, TikTok’s content filtering shouldn’t even permit one video to reach a teenager if the trend is inherently dangerous (or someone even younger.)

Even if their account information implies otherwise, it’s possible that a user’s viewing patterns will be used as part of the new content moderation to determine whether they genuinely are of legal age to use TikTok.

Making adjustments that keep audiences safe should be a priority, given TikTok’s exponential growth. Even though some could argue it’s too little, too late, it’s reassuring to hear that some improvements are being implemented.

The TikTok Algorithm in 2022: How It Work

What does TikTok’s algorithm entail?

Which movies will show up on your For You page is determined by the TikTok algorithm, which is a recommendation system.

On their For You page, no two users will watch the identical videos, and the videos you see may change over time based on your viewing choices and even your emotional condition.

Here’s Amy Poehler, for instance, discussing how her For You page might let her know when she’s feeling a little down:

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

Initially, social media platforms kept their algorithms a secret. This makes sense given that the recommendation engine is a patented technology that contributes to the distinctiveness of each social network.

Social networks use algorithms to get us in and keep us interested. TikTok doesn’t want spammers and other sketchy individuals to be able to manipulate the algorithm to gain more popularity than they should.

However, as people’s trust in social networks’ inner workings has waned, the majority of platforms have made the fundamental principles of their algorithms public.

Fortunately, this implies that we now have direct knowledge of several of the important ranking factors used by the TikTok algorithm.

9 recommendations for utilising the TikTok algorithm in 2022

1. Upgrade your TikTok account to a Pro one.

Depending on whether you’re a creative or a business, TikTok provides two different sorts of pro accounts. Even though having a pro account won’t help your films appear on the For You page, upgrading to one is still a crucial step in understanding the TikTok algorithm.

This is due to the fact that a Creator or Business account offers you access to analytics and insights that can direct your TikTok strategy. If you want to provide content that your audience enjoys and engages with, it is essential to understand who they are, when they use the app, and the kind of content they prefer.

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