Tyre Nichols isn’t shown any resist in the police assault video


Five former Memphis police officers have been charged with murder following a traffic stop, and video of the incident shows them hitting and kicking a driver for many minutes while he begs out for his mother.

Tyre Nichols, 29, is beaten by police in the recordings from his arrest on January 7; there are no indications that he was resisting.

US Vice President Joe Biden described the “horrific” video as “very painful.”

Attorneys for Mr. Nichols’ family compared the assault to the beating by Los Angeles police in 1991 of motorist Rodney King.

Following the broadcast of the video, peaceful protests occurred in Memphis on Friday night, with some protesters blocking one of the city’s main thoroughfares. Smaller-scale protests also took place in other parts of the nation.

Numerous demonstrators carried signs calling for Mr. Nichols’ justice and an end to “police terror.”

Some readers may find this article’s descriptions of violence upsetting.

Police initially said Mr. Nichols had been pulled over on the basis of a reckless driving suspect, but this claim has now been refuted. Three days later, on January 10, he passed away in the hospital.

Both Mr. Nichols and the five cops accused in the case are black.

The Memphis Police Department released four violent recordings, totaling more than an hour of film, showing the traffic stop and its violent aftermath on Friday.

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