Twitter poll voted to restore Trump’s account


Donald Trump has been the subject of countless commentaries analyzing, criticizing, demonizing, and condemning him.

Anonymous advisors provide insight into their views and strategies in newspapers, magazines, books, television, and on social media. Sometimes they express their dissatisfaction with what they are doing or not doing.

Despite all the scrutiny of what goes on behind the scenes, Trump has often gotten in the most trouble for his words that appear publicly and in the light of day.

Yesterday, TV News featured several banners about something that went viral over the weekend. One read, “Trump calls to repeal the Constitution.”

When I first read similar headlines online, I assumed they were liberal hyperbole taken out of context.

Uh no, he shared this on Truth Social.

Do you think Republicans will want to talk about this today during the second round of the Georgia Senate?

Elon Musk’s Twitter files, made available via author Matt Tabby, served as a catalyst at Trump’s request in response to the outcry over the social media site’s suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story at the end of the 2020 campaign. The documents suggest Twitter executives are trying to justify the blockade, wondering if “pirated content” will be a sufficient defense. (The laptop was not compromised; however, the New York Post was able to obtain a hard drive that the Democratic candidate’s son dropped off at a repair center in Delaware.)

The documents also show that Twitter acted independently and not in response to a request from the Biden campaign, although the campaign later asked that tweets containing sexual photos of Hunter Biden be removed. Although a liberal business official mentioned the possibility of Trump winning, Taibbi insisted there was no evidence of government cooperation.

Nonetheless, Trump used this to advance his two-year campaign by claiming the election was rigged against him without providing evidence.

Here is the full article:

“Would you invalidate the results of the 2020 presidential election and declare yourself the rightful winner, or would you rather call a new election in light of the massive and pervasive fraud and deception perpetrated by a combination of Big Tech, the DNC and the Democratic Party? In the case of massive fraud of this nature and magnitude, all laws, statutes and articles mentioned in the Constitution can be suspended. Fake and fraudulent elections were not what our great “founders” wanted or would tolerate!”

However, he also approved a constitution that prohibits second chances or the removal of an incumbent president in favor of his predecessor.

Trump directly declared the abolition of “all rules, regulations and articles, including those in the Constitution,” without covering or enforcing them.

This is neither a session leak nor a claim by the left that the former president does not respect the Constitution. Trump has used the same words.

Republicans were called on it on Sunday’s show and tried to suppress the issue, hoping it would go away. He clearly fears Trump will abandon him because of his strong support from the Maga base.

Rather than shy away from denouncing anti-Semitism, a surprising number of prominent Republican lawmakers criticized Trump for his meeting with Hitler supporter Kanye West. The general consensus in response to the latest scandal, however, seems to be, “Well, Donald Trump says a lot of things.”

Having covered Trump for 35 years, I do not believe he is anti-Semitic. The mystery is why he gave a platform to someone who praises Nazis and frequently insults Jews. Besides, I really like the Constitution.

Trump supporters often criticize me for intentionally badmouthing him. By objective standards, the GOP frontrunner has had a terrible couple of weeks, that’s a fact.

The three-judge Supreme Court panel he appointed, which ruled unanimously against him, ordered that his tax returns be submitted to a House committee. The Justice Department’s investigation was slowed by a Special Master appointed by a Trump-supporting judge in Florida who had nothing to do with the case. The appointment of the Special Master was blocked by an appeals court that included his appointment.

It never occurred to me that Trump was doomed this time. It can be hard to distinguish between a minor dispute and a serious issue when the media turns everything up to 11. He survived two impeachment hearings, Bob Mueller and.

However, with his social media remarks, Trump has given weight to those who have long claimed that he does not care about our nearly 250-year-old Constitution. Finally, he took the oath of office, promising to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

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