Tesla Shares down with loss 85bn  recession end in disaster


Investors are outraged by Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter Inc., the declining demand for the car company’s electric vehicles, and slumps in the broader market in an environment with higher interest rates. As a result, Tesla Inc. TSLA -1.76%decrease; red down-pointing triangle is on pace for its worst annual stock performance on record.

The most valuable automaker in the world has taken a sudden turn for the worst with Tesla’s stock decline. The electric-vehicle manufacturer had been among the greatest winners in the automotive sector in the early 2020s, a time marked by semiconductor shortages, congested global supply chains, and Covid-19-related shutdowns.

Since the company’s stock reached an all-time high in November 2021, it has lost around 70% of its worth. There is growing concern on Wall Street that Tesla may have to forgo its level of profitability in order to continue its rate of development due to the expanding economic uncertainties across the world and the availability of more electric automobiles for buyers to select from.

While many of its competitors and the overall market have had slower stock price declines than Tesla, other electric car companies have fared worse.

Tesla entered 2022 in a great position, supported by better-than-anticipated outcomes during the Covid-19 pandemic and high vehicle prices.

The business has produced more than a dozen successful quarters in a row, assisting the producer of electric vehicles—which had a history of being cash-starved—in amassing a reserve of around $20 billion that rivals that of other established automakers.

Nervousness on Wall Street

After the company’s main assembly factory, which is located in Shanghai, was shut down for an extended period due to Covid, Wall Street lowered its projections for Tesla’s growth this year.

Concerns about a potential decline in demand for new vehicles have been sparked by rising interest rates and the uncertain state of the global economy.

Customers had to endure lengthy wait times for numerous Tesla models as late as earlier this year. not anymore.

In order to rush cars off the lot and into customers’ driveways before the new year, Tesla lowered pricing in China this fall and is currently providing a number of incentives. If customers agree to accept delivery this month, Tesla will give them a $7,500 credit and 10,000 free miles of fast charging in the United States.

Lowered Expectations

Tesla cut its full-year growth forecast in October; Chief Financial Officer Zach Kirkhorn stated that the firm anticipated finishing the year slightly short of its initial 2022 objective of increasing deliveries by 50%. Tesla did not respond to a request for comment. In 2021, the business delivered about 936,000 vehicles to clients. To reach its initial goal this year, it would need to give more than 1.4 million.

This month, Mr. Musk stated, “There will be severe weather up ahead, but there will be sunshine afterward.”

Selling Bonanza

Since the company’s market value peaked, Mr. Musk has sold more than $39 billion worth of Tesla stock. He cited his participation on Twitter as an explanation for some of those sales. In October, the billionaire paid $44 billion for the social media company, with Twitter accruing almost $13 billion in debt in the process. Through the following year, he promised not to sell any more Tesla shares.

Investors are outraged by Mr. Musk’s sales, and some have demanded that the business first repurchase its own shares. In October, Mr. Musk predicted a significant share buyback and suggested repurchasing $5 billion to $10 billion worth of shares in 2023.



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