Places To Visit In Delhi-NCR To Enjoy Rainy Season


Is there anything better than tea, fritters, and rain? But if you can enjoy the scenery and eat some delectable food during the monsoon, why limit yourself to staying at home? Prepare to spin during this monsoon season. We have compiled a list of sites you may visit in Delhi during this monsoon, so get dressed, grab your umbrellas, and fasten your seatbelt.

Here is a list of the most stunning locations in Delhi-NCR that you should see before you turn 35. These locations in Delhi-NCR are well-known for their majesty and all-around beauty. They are regarded as safe havens for lone travellers as well. Look at this:

  • Lodhi Art District: The Lodhi colony, a British-built housing development, is renowned for its unique style of construction. India’s first outdoor art zone brought together world-class street artists to produce some masterpieces. A non-profit organisation called St+art India is working to open up art to everyone. These walls have been drawing attention from both domestic and foreign tourists. In fact, Brigitte Macron, the French First Lady, also paid a visit to the Art District. So don’t waste any more time and go see some incredible works of art here. But hold on, hold on, here’s a hint for you guys. Wear your comfortable shoes, charge your phones and cameras.
  • Champa Gali: Delhi consistently manages to come up with adorable little surprises from time to time. Champa Gali has again amazed us with the newly developed location. This street is becoming more well-known for its labyrinth-like atmosphere in addition to its delicious cuisine cafés. This alley is home to cafeterias, coffee shops, organic knick-knack businesses, art galleries, and it has a rustic yet attractive character. The once run-down Saidulajaib neighbourhood near Saket is now decorated with lights, ethnic decor, and expensive furnishings and is constantly crowded with people. The opulent Parisian lanes of Champa Gali will undoubtedly remind you of your stay there. Champa Gali has numerous fantastic cafés, food vendors, and restaurants with insane cuisine options, so try out some unusual foods there.
  • Khan Market: One of Delhi’s oldest upscale markets, Khan Market is renowned for housing some of the city’s priciest retail establishments. The fashion boutiques, opticians, book stores, home goods stores, cafés, etc. in this market are well-known. This market is home to several prestigious brand showrooms, design studios, and pricey eateries that provide mouthwatering cuisine. Even stationery fans will find plenty to like at this market, including stunning paper mache ornaments and handcrafted papers. Khan Market has everything. Without a doubt, this shopping centre is a gastronomic and shopper’s heaven. Khan Chacha is a must-try for anybody visiting Khan Market.
  • Gurgaon’s Cyber Hub: is a well-known spot for dining and entertainment. It is home to a number of renowned eateries, bars, and lounges, as well as some shops. The cyber hub is a terrific spot to spend a quiet day with friends or a lazy Sunday with family. Cyber Hub is always crowded with people thanks to its excellent location. This facility has an advantage because to the wide space and varied theme events. It’s safe to assume that this place is a party animal and food lover’s utopia because of the insane nightlife it delivers. You can have a terrific time playing some intriguing games at Smash, the gaming area, or you can sample some incredible food at the food court or at one of the upscale cafés.
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