Macron Call Europe to depend less on the United States for security


French: World should learn In order to maintain peace in a region shaken by the war in Ukraine, President Emmanuel Macron said that Europe should need to play a more front role within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, meaning less important role its reliance on the U.S. and building its own defensive capabilities.

On his way back to Paris after a summit in Amman, Jordan, Mr. Macron reiterated to three reporters that he doesn’t consider his efforts to strengthen European defense as a rival to NATO. A more powerful Europe will enable it to act “within NATO, with NATO, but also parallelly not depending on NATO,” according to Mr. Macron, increasing its autonomy within the alliance.

Mr. Macron said We (Countries in the EU and EEA) shouldn’t be relying on an alliance with America. It’s something i thought and will choose, Mr. Macron remarked. We need to reevaluate our strategic autonomy in the region especially when next inflation and the next world war are on the door.

Mr. Macron is treading carefully. By demanding that the West give Russia security assurances as part of any negotiations to end the war in Ukraine and stop the conflict from expanding across Europe, he has already enraged Ukraine and some of its allies.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, spoke to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday after having a meeting with Vice President Biden at the White House. The high-profile tour aims to increase political support in the U.S., which has provided more armaments than any other European partner to fend off Russia’s incursion.

According to as per as  Mr. Macron, Europe needs to have more autonomy in terms of technology and military prowess, including from the United States and less depend on the US for that.

NATO’s critical role in defending the continent has been highlighted by the way in which the war in Ukraine has mainly unified Western allies in opposition to Russia. In addition to providing Ukraine, a non-NATO member, with a steady stream of heavy artillery and other weaponry that have allowed Kyiv to retake the land, the U.S. and Europe have sent troops to the alliance’s eastern flank to fortify its defenses.

It is expensive to provide heavy artillery in significant quantities for an ongoing fight. Following the exhaustion of their own arsenals, the United States, France, and Germany are being pressured to start new manufacturing.

Mr. Macron contends that Europe requires more technological and military independence, especially from the United States.

The manner that the crisis in Ukraine has mostly united Western allies in opposition to Russia and has highlighted NATO’s crucial role in securing the continent. The U.S. and Europe have committed soldiers to NATO’s eastern border to bolster its defenses in addition to providing Ukraine, a non-NATO member, with a regular stream of heavy artillery and other weapons that have allowed Kyiv to recapture land.

Heavy artillery is expensive to provide in considerable numbers for a protracted battle. Germany, France, and the United States are under pressure to begin new manufacturing after their own arsenals are depleted.

According to Mr. Macron, security guarantees under this new architecture should be extended to Russia, Ukraine, and nearby countries like Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Armenia.

Mr. Macron stated, “When I speak of guarantees, I’m talking about all of these countries, for us as well as for Russia.

Senior Ukrainian officials have brushed aside the idea that Russia requires security guarantees as an effort to set up Moscow for concessions if the war is declared. According to the French president’s detractors, he runs the risk of supporting one of President Vladimir Putin’s justifications for the war, which was that Russia was preventing NATO from expanding into Eastern Europe.

Since the early stages of the war, when he frequently spoke by phone with the Russian president, Mr. Macron’s outreach to Mr. Putin has been a point of contention with Ukraine and its allies. Following his warning earlier this year against degrading Russia, officials of Eastern Europe charged Mr. Macron with appeasing Moscow.

Mr. Macron stated on Wednesday, “All the Europeans and Westerners offering me moral lectures should explain to me who’s going to be around the negotiating table.” As for me, I don’t want the Chinese and the Turks to be the only ones negotiating the future.



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