immigrant found dead in boat incident


An early morning incident involving a tiny migrant boat near Kent in the English Channel is thought to have resulted in fatalities.

There is no estimate of the number of passengers on board when the overloaded boat capsized due to floods in the English Channel, prompting rescuers to rush to the scene.

Although there have reportedly been fatalities, according to News Recital reporter James Denny, the police have not officially confirmed this.

A search and rescue effort required the assistance of lifeboats, coastguard rescue teams, and an air ambulance.

Additionally helping with the rescue was a fishing boat that was nearby.

Along with one from the French Navy, HM Coastguard helicopters from Lydd and Lee on the Solent were also involved.

At around 03:40 GMT, South East Coast Ambulance Service said it received a call in response to reports of an incident and dispatched paramedics to Dover, Kent, to assist with the rescue operations.

We pray for everyone’s safety, the eternal rest of the departed, and the welfare of the loved ones of those who perished in this awful catastrophe, he continued.


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