The Print-on-demand printing technique is gaining traction as one of the most popular forms of printing. With the rise of self-published authors attaining success and with the rise of people from normal walks of life going into the literary space and printing their own books, on-demand book printing has soared to new heights.


On-demand printing is the printing of books in small batches wherein the printing technique allows for the printing of a small batch whenever there is a need or even a single copy. This is different from traditional offset printing where the publisher already has a huge order for printing books in mass numbers. On-demand printing is usually done for books which get small batches of orders from time to time and these orders can come in bulk or come scarce. On-demand printing is quite popular among self-publishers because this printing process is quicker than the traditional printing techniques used by traditional publishers for book printing.


In order to understand this, we first have to make the distinction between traditional printing and print-on-demand printing. In the case of traditional printing or what is known in the industry as offset printing, an entire set of offsets are made for a book wherein these offsets are then put into the printing machine and then used to mass-produce books. This is usually done in the case when the publishing company is sure that this book will see sales and that this book will need to be published in mass. This is an excellent technique because of its low cost and the main reason for the low cost is mass production. While in traditional printing the initial investment can seem like a lot but then mass printing makes this process extremely profitable.

The difference between traditional offset printing and on-demand printing is that on-demand printing is what it sounds like, on-demand. Many industries utilise on-demand printing wherein they know that this print may or may not be needed. There is also the added benefit of the quickness of the process wherein no offsets need to be made.

Let us look at some of the most important advantages of on-demand printing over offset printing.

  • PRINT VERSATILITY AND MOBILITY – On-demand printing is versatile and mobile and by that, we mean that you can print anything and everything with on-demand printing. You do not have to choose special offset materials in order to print a specific type of colour because in on-demand printing you can choose from simple text to vivid colours on simple paper to glazed paper and anything in between. The speed of on-demand printing is probably the fastest printing technique in the world wherein any self-publisher can expect their manuscript to be turned into whatever batch of books they want to be published. It is instant photography brought to book printing and there’s no violent shaking involved.
  • ANY AND EVERY BOOK FORMAT – On-demand printing promises that you can have your book in any type of format you want. Print on demand ensures that your book can be published in monochrome or in premium colour or 2 colour or 4 colour or anything else you want. There are no offsets to deal with so you can decide whichever size book you want to be printed. There are also no issues with printing a paperback or even a hardback and every other type of book.
  • ALWAYS ON DEMAND – One of the most important reasons why on-demand printing has managed to become as popular as it is is due to its quickness. The fast pace printing technique totally matches the fast-paced advancement of technology and the fast-paced interest in literature rising in society. With print-on-demand, self-publishers are now able to print out however many books they want whenever they want them. It doesn’t matter if they have the offset or not or even if running the offset would be profitable because in on-demand printing it is a simple equation of demand and supply, wherein the self-published asks for new copies to be printed and the self-publishing companies publish them. There is no waiting and no unnecessary hassle with printing.
  • EXCELLENT REVISION SUPPORT – One of the biggest disadvantages that traditional offset printing had was its inability to make corrections along the process. It is quite common for authors to change various lines and words in their books and this is where we see one of the biggest shortcomings of offset printing. In offset printing, if you have created the offset that is where you have spent most of the money in the printing process. If for any reason a few months down the line the author decides to make a few changes to every page of the book then the entire book’s offset would have to be changed. This means that the entire investment on the previous offset is lost and that this new offset would have to be used instead and then the third revision becomes a nightmarish time for publishers as they have to repeat this process once again. With print on demand, there is nothing of this sort because let’s say for example the author decides to change a simple word in the book then they simply have to make that edit and right after that edit has been sent to the printing machine the new print is going to have that. No lengthy process of replacing offsets.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – Unless you are trying to publish a dictionary or the Bible or any other type of book that sees huge demand no matter how many years have passed from the initial publishing date, you as a self-published writer or rather even a traditional writer do not need offset printing. Offset printing is only profitable when the copies that are made are going to be stored for a long time and not depreciate in value and also when the book sales reach humongous volume. In the practical sense of the term, you are better off spending your money on print on demand wherein you can wisely order copies whenever there is demand and not print unnecessary copies that stand the risk of getting damaged in storage.

These were some of the important reasons why print on demand printing technique of on-demand book printing is the most popular form of printing in the world today. This is simply due to its practicality and cost-effectiveness. We are Orange Publishers, best book publishing house in India, and we have some of the finest print-on-demand printing machines and technologies in the whole of India. We print several types of books in dozens of formats and we are apt in dealing with any volume of demand that our self-publishers bring in. We are not not simply a printing house we are a publishing company wherein you can get all the services that you as an author can require from the pre-publishing process to the printing and publishing as well as the promotion and sales of the books. We also take care of the legal side of things such as copywriting and we also have extremely talented teams of illustrators and card designers as well as editors to insured seamlessness in your printing process.

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