GOP to is going after Jan. 6 committee inquiry


California Rep. Kevin McCarthy has a message for a House committee on Jan. 6: Keep doing exactly what you are doing – because we are watching you. McCarthy announced that the new Republican majority will challenge everything the committee has done over the past year and a half. This is according to a letter sent to the committee on Thursday.

Like McCarthy’s other campaign appearances trying to win over his far-right members ahead of the new Congress next month, this warning has no substance. It’s quite a performance to show Republican hard-liners that he will crack down on Democrats in defending former President Donald Trump. Whatever the committee’s final report on Jan. 6, McCarthy and the GOP must strongly oppose it.

In his letter, McCarthy reminds Committee Chairman Benny Thompson (Mississippi) to “preserve all tapes and transcripts of testimony you have collected in the course of your investigation” He goes on to say that the GOP will hold a hearing on Jan. 6, 2021, on why the Capitol complex is unsafe. Americans, he writes, “have a right to all the information you collect – not just the information that suits your political agenda. … The American people have a right to know that the claims you make are supported by facts.” and have the opportunity to view the transcript to encourage enforcement of 18 USC 1001. ”

Let us see how useless most of these words are. The subtext says that there is a possibility that the committee will hide or destroy important evidence, suggesting that it was always meant to be used against Trump as a political weapon.

But the committee has already registered all documents submitted, as required by the resolution that created it. Thompson himself said Tuesday that all the transcripts submitted will be released after the names of witnesses who have agreed to testify anonymously.

Government officials

As for Capitol security, the House has already held hearings on the issue and the Senate has already released a bipartisan report. and “18 USC 1001?” This is a section of the law that says government officials cannot knowingly lie in the course of their jobs.

Overall, this shows that McCarthy is willing to take on the Trump administration’s playbook: Investigate with intent, hoping to deflect blame. His letter is reminiscent of Special Counsel John Durham’s efforts to uncover the “real” reason the FBI launched a counterintelligence investigation into Trump’s campaign in 2016.

The effort was a near-complete failure, but it provided cover for Trump supporters’ “Spygate” conspiracy theories. more reliable. Even when the GOP controlled Washington in the early years of Trump’s term, Congress did not play ball with Trump to the extent McCarthy had hoped.

It’s not yet clear which committee will be responsible for cross-examining the GOP. That decision will largely rest with the next Speaker of the House, be it McCarthy or another Republican. But my money is on one of three committees: Oversight and Reform, House Administration, or Judiciary, most likely the latter.

First, Oversight and Reform will be very busy with its targeted campaigns against the Biden Administration. Second, the House Administration is not high enough regarded in the media to take the reins of such a political project. And third, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is likely to chair the Judiciary Committee. And if there’s anyone the GOP would want to be the point person on this project, it’s the guy who has made it an art form to spout nonsense at hearings.

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