DHS contradicts itself with imminent increase in limits.


Homeland Security officials have promised a senior Republican Senator’s team that they are ready for a limit increase when Title 42’s pandemic policy expires.

Why, Senator James Lankford asks, did the Department ask a federal judge for a five-week delay in repealing Title 42?

“I am deeply concerned that DHS has not made clear to me and to Congress when Title 42 will expire and what enforcement will look like in the future,” the Oklahoma Republican said in a letter to Secretary of State Alejandro Mayorkas. “DHS has yet to inform Congress of its plans for Dec. 21, 2022, leaving us with a series of contradictory statements and unclear policy initiatives in a truly historic crisis as Border Patrol.” Is.”

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Mr. Mayorkas’ struggle to get a handle on the border chaos of the past 22 months has left Mr. Lankford, the top Republican on the Border Subcommittee of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, concerned about the end of Title 42, which the department had previously approved. Just reviewed. could more than double the already record-breaking numbers of illegal border traffic.

But now the Department says it no longer stands on the figure of 18 thousand.

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