Best health insurance for cancer patients in 2022


Research suggests more than three lakh cancer cases have been detected in India over the past few years as of 2016. With unhealthy and careless eating habits, pollution of the environment, and other genetic issues, the number of patients affected by cancer increases. So when the case of cancer patients rises, the need for medical insurance also grows. Cancer insurance is the specific kind of insurance policy offered to all cancer patients. This financial aid is conferred in medical insurance that stands in the category of best cancer insurance and provides security to the patients.

Need of medical insurance for cancer patient

The cost of curing cancer or any other critical illness has been on the rise. With that in mind, it is significant to choose a policy that covers such ailments, thereby protecting your financial status. It is, however, not so easy to go for cancer insurance as individuals already detected to suffer from cancer or have been treated for it have no choice of getting or even applying for cancer insurance.

Best Cancer Insurances:

With several companies offering different insurance, knowing the best cancer insurance is essential. The insurance that provides topmost security for patients with cancer at affordable prices is considered the best cancer insurance. But it is not so simple and easy to choose from a wide variety of choices, so here is the list of some of the best health insurance for cancer patients:

What is a Critical Illness Insurance Plan?

A critical illness insurance plan is a type of health insurance plan that covers critical diseases or illnesses. We should check the critical diseases covered under the insurance plan.

The procedure of claim filing and pay-out is different, and therefore, we must go through these procedures one time. Like a regular health insurance plan, a critical illness insurance plan has renewal and no-claim benefits. The eligible age is also different and must be checked before subscribing.

Critical illness pay-outs are exempted under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. The plan also covers the cost of treatment abroad if needed.

The biggest setback of the critical illness insurance plan is that it is only applicable when diagnosed, only if the doctor says that the illness concurs with all the set criteria. Claims are not disbursed if it doesn’t meet the requirements. The insurer defines the criteria and limits. Therefore, it is important to verify it with your doctor or a medical professional.

It is only after carefully reading all the terms and conditions that you should go for a critical illness insurance plan. Ensure that you have read all the criteria and limits mentioned in the plan.

1.    Cancer Critical Illness Benefit:

Bajaj Finserv provides this medical insurance and it is one of the best cancer insurance in India. It offers coverage up to Rs. 3 lakh where premiums start only at Rs 113. Anyone within the age group of eighteen to sixty-five years could leverage this insurance policy. This one of the best cancer insurance is valid for one year only. Throughout the policy year, at any point, if the individual is diagnosed with a cancer-related disease, the amount insured is paid to the patient.

2.    SBI Life Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha Plan:

Cancer treatment is compensated through this medical insurance of the policyholders and provides them with a second medical outlook in the matter of verdict of cancer. A 5% discount is offered on premiums purchased online via this medical insurance. This policy is available for anyone between six to sixty-five years of age, along with claims of around rupees Rs 10-15 lakh.

3.    HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan:

This medical insurance provides the amount at the time of the claim settlement process. Anyone between five and sixty-five can buy this plan with three different ranges. The amount offered via claim in this medical insurance is between Rs. 10 lakh rupees and Rs. 50 lakh; being one of the best cancer insurance, it provides affordable treatment to the holders.

4.    LIC Cancer Cover:

LIC health insurance provides this insurance policy. It covers the amount from about Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh. It gives twenty-five percent of the total amounts ensured like the lump sum to the policy buyers throughout the stage of early treatment/diagnosis of cancer.

5.    ICICI Prudential Heart and Cancer Protect Plan:

This medical insurance provides the total expense of cancer treatments and offers lump-sum amounts to the insurance holders during the claim settlement procedure. In this plan, the coverage is Rs. 50 lakh and it provides a supreme waiver during a cancer diagnosis. Anyone between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five can opt for this cancer insurance policy.

6.    Max Life Cancer Insurance Cover:

And the final one on the list of best cancer insurance is the medical insurance offered by Max Life, which is very affordable and extensive. This insurance is open to individuals of age group between twenty-five and sixty-five years. It ranges from rupees 10 lakh to rupees 50 lakh. Just after the cancer diagnosis, individuals can collect the payment without any adherence to the cancer stage.

Cancer is a fatal disease that needs treatments to ensure the patients’ well-being. Medical insurances as under best cancer insurance thus need of the globe today. The insurances give an upper hand to the patients in their treatments. Therefore, all the insurances mentioned above are the best cancer insurance and the required insurance for cancer patients. Cancer has taken many lives, so we must pay attention to our overall health. One should keep our health in check to ensure a perfectly disease-free body. Make sure to evaluate each of the above-mentioned insurance policies to find the best fit for your needs.

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