Another Russian missile targets Ukraine


A significant Russian missile attack targeting national infrastructure hit several Ukrainian areas, including the nation’s capital, early on Thursday.

All around the nation, air raid sirens were audible. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s aide Mykhailo Podolyak, Russia launched around 120 missiles.

According to the regional government, Kyiv’s air defense systems were turned on to repel the continuous missile strike. In the metropolis, explosion sounds could be heard.

Ihor Terekhov, the mayor of Kharkiv, claimed that several explosions occurred in the second-largest city in Ukraine. According to Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, explosions were also reported close to the Polish border.

Incoming Russian missiles were reportedly intercepted, according to Ukrainian authorities in multiple places.

Five missiles were reportedly shot down over the Black Sea, according to Vitaliy Kim, the governor of the Mykolaiv province in southern Ukraine. Two aircraft were shot down, according to the Ukrainian military’s command North, over the northeastern Ukrainian province of Sumy, which is bordered by Russia.

According to the city government, two private buildings in Kiev’s Darnytskyi area were damaged by fragments from fallen Russian missiles. According to city officials, damage was also done to an industrial plant and a playground in neighbourhoods across the Dnieper River. There were no early reports of casualties.

The extensive assault was the most recent in a string of Russian assaults against crucial infrastructure in Ukraine. Since October, Moscow has carried out such strikes on a weekly basis, resulting in extensive power outages and water supply interruptions.

Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, issued a warning on Thursday that there might be power disruptions in the city and urged people to stockpile water and charge their electronics.

The Ukrainian military claimed to have shot down incoming Russian missiles and explosive drones during earlier attacks, but some nevertheless managed to reach their objectives, worsening the suffering of the populace in the bitter cold.

Authorities in the Dnipro, Odesa, and Kryvyi Rih areas claimed to have turned off the electricity as the latest wave of Russian attacks got underway on Thursday in order to lessen the potential damage to vital infrastructure assets.

The United States agreed to provide Ukraine with a Patriot missile battery earlier this month in order to strengthen that nation’s security. Additionally, the United States and its allies promised to give Ukraine the energy-related tools it needs to survive attacks on its infrastructure.

Russian officials want to “destroy essential infrastructure and slaughter civilians en masse,” according to Podolyak, a Zelenskyy aide.

In a sarcastic reference to statements made by some in the West who urged Ukraine to seek a political settlement of the conflict, Podolyak wrote on Twitter, “We’re waiting for further proposals from ‘peacekeepers’ about ‘peaceful settlement,”security guarantees for RF,’ and undesirability of provocations.




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