22 refuge dead in Fire at the illegal refuge in Russia


Russia: 22 people were killed in an illegally run private shelter fire on Saturday in the Siberian city of Kemerovo, according to Russian authorities.

The city’s wooden structure, located 1,900 miles east of Moscow, was initially thought to be a nursing home, but later on, the Investigative Committee of the nation, which looks into significant crimes, declared it was a “temporary dwelling for those in a tough living position.”

The committee reported that a guy who rented the structure has been detained and accused of violating safety rules, which led to numerous fatalities.

He was not named in the committee’s statement, but according to news accounts, he was a local pastor.

The investigation committee said that inhabitants had complained about the building’s coal-fired boiler failing to the shelter operator the day before the incident, though the cause of the fire that started before daybreak has not been identified.

The two-story building was destroyed in a fire that also injured six other persons.

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